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2013-01-23 20:47:52 by Fx280



2013-01-22 20:34:28 by Fx280

I figured you guys should know what I look like



2012-10-09 18:41:20 by Fx280

i havent been on in a while :P

All Better :)

2012-09-02 22:35:46 by Fx280

I feel so much better now. Thank god


2012-08-31 16:38:29 by Fx280

im sick and i feel like im gonna die. My nose has turned into a waterfall and my throat feels like i swallowed a cheese grater. XP

A little about me...

2012-08-27 20:55:03 by Fx280

My Name is Shelby, I love to draw (obviously). I love food (that shit keeps me alive). My favorite food is STEAK! (OM NOM NOM!!). My favorite kind of music is Metal, Alternative, Rock and roll (<( >o< )>). My favorite Band is Linkin Park. My favorite color is green (the neon kind). My hair color is blonde (dirty Blonde). My Favorite anime is naruto. IM AN ARTIST!. and im awesome! if you disagree then FUCK YOU!


2012-08-26 19:59:23 by Fx280

I feel bad I didn't submit any artwork last week like i said i would. School has been getting in the way of everything :P i promise there will be more artwork I just don't know when.


2012-08-15 21:22:20 by Fx280

I just got done drawing alot of art. ill be submitting them within a week now. :D


2012-08-12 09:48:11 by Fx280

i was about to leave to go shopping for clothes and my uncle needed to get something from a gas station near by i was sitting in the front seat of my mothers car and the back seats were empty My uncle ignored the empty back seats opened the door were i was sitting and he climbed in and sat on me and hes a big guy like over 250 pounds big the whole time i was praying to the lord himself that he would not fart on me. My mother didnt do anything but drive and laugh at me. Thats fucked up! lol


2012-08-11 22:55:30 by Fx280

I feel rlly sick...